Welcome to the Schorne Team website

We bid you welcome to the Schorne Team - twelve churches arranged in nine parishes in the beautiful Aylesbury Vale. For hundreds of years men and women have visited these churches for all sorts of reasons - whether to celebrate and give thanks to God or to find comfort and solace in times of trouble. In a world which seems ever busier we hope that we may help you find God's peace - a sacred centre to sustain daily life.

Many of our churches are open through the day for private prayer and we run a busy programme of services on Sundays. If there is something that you think we may be able to do for you then please ask.

Good Friday Three Hour Devotion

The following link will take you to the address made by David Meakin on Good Friday 2017, looking at the issues faced by the world through the eyes of Jesus as he hangs dying on the cross.

Seeing through the eyes of Jesus

Sir John Schorne

Sir John Schorne (died 1314) was rector of North Marston in the English county of Buckinghamshire. He was a very pious man and was said to have effected many miraculous cures for gout and toothache.

During a drought, he discovered a well, the waters of which were reputed to have miraculous properties. His reputation for holiness was such that he is believed to have cast the devil into a boot. He is often pictured holding a boot with a devil in it, the origin of the child's jack-in-the-box toy. When he died, his shrine in the church at North Marston became a popular place of pilgrimage and he was regarded by many as a saint, although he was never canonised. His remains were later moved to St George's Chapel, Windsor. The Holy Well was renovated in 2004/2005 and may still be seen in North Marston.

Forthcoming Events

Hymns and Pimm's

22/07/2018 5.00 pm at Dunton Parish Church

Contact: David Meakin

Pimm's (and soft drinks) are served before, during, and after the service. Ask for hymns you like to sing. There is a little worship but the emphasis is on singing - and anyone can sing after Pimm’s

Taize-style Evensong

29/07/2018 6.30 pm at St Mary Magdalene, Over Winchendon

Contact: Jonathan Lewin  jonathan@lewin.uk.com

Would you like to be part of a group of singers who will lead the chanting along with the instrumental group? For more information email Jonathan Lewin, who is coordinating music for the Taize.

Wesley Flics - 'The Light Between Oceans'

01/08/2018 7.15pm for 7.30pm at Wesley Centre in North Marston

Contact: Peter Watsham 01296 641268   peter@watsham.org

You are invited to join us in viewing a series of thought provoking films to be shown on the 1st Weds of each Month at the Wesley Centre in North Marston. This month we are screening ‘The Light Bet

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